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Concrete Crushing

Bring Your Demolition Concrete to Our Concrete Crushing Facility 

Are you doing a demolition that requires large amounts of concrete to be disposed of? Recycle Waste Services can help. Use our roll off dumpsters to collect the broken concrete, we’ll haul it to our concrete crushing facility. Saving you both time and money!

Toledo, OH Concrete Crushing Facility | Recycle Waste Services - concrete-crushing

Concrete Disposal is One of the Largest Contributors to Landfills

When you throw away old concrete, rather than sending it to a crushing facility, it adds to the growing problem that is landfill collection. Not only does it consume space, but it also isn’t biodegradable. Recycling is always a better alternative and far less expensive.  If you are collecting your concrete in one of our roll off dumpsters, then everything becomes easy after you load the materials into it. We come to your location and haul the dumpster away when you’re done.

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Brick and Concrete Workers

We can also assist contractors with projects involving concrete. There are a variety of projects that deal with removing and implementing concrete that we can help accomplish. RWS can haul away your unwanted concrete as long as it is clean of any contaminants. The incredible construction debris removal services of RWS have led to the creation of countless sidewalks, buildings, and facades.

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Recycle Your Demolition Materials at Our Hard Fill Facility 

Our goal as a recycle and waste services company is to reduce the amount of material that goes into the landfills through best recycling services and better waste management. For your demolition projects Recycle Waste services (RWS) can’t handle all of your Waste streams! We’ll defer as much as possible from the landfills and our hard fill facility will handle the rest!
Demolition projects become easy with one simple phone call!

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Toledo, OH Concrete Crushing Facility | Recycle Waste Services - concrete-disposal


We Dispose of Your Waste Responsibly

Recycle Waste Services is an environmentally responsible recycling, disposal and hauling company that specializes in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan roll-off dumpsters and waste diversion. We continue to work with recycling partners that allow us to maximize diversion of recyclable materials away from the landfill.

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