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Hard Fill Facility

Dispose of Your Bricks, Blocks, Asphalt, Dirt, and Gravel Responsibly

After your demolition project is completed, you will be left with a mess of building materials that you may not know what to do with. Rather than pile all of this debris into a trash can to be taken to a landfill, enlist the help of Recycle Waste Services to make your demolition process easier and more environmentally friendly. 

Toledo, OH Hard Fill Facility | Recycle Waste Services - hard-fill-facility

Recycle Your Demolition Materials at Our Hard Fill Facility 

One of our goals as a recycle and waste services company is to reduce the amount of material that goes into landfills through recycling services and better waste management. For your demolition job you will most likely require a dumpster to get rid of all of your left-over materials. RWS will not only drop the dumpster off at your location but we also pick it up after you fill it. Instead of hiring a company that will simply take your bricks, gravel, and more straight to the landfills where it will simply sit for decades to come, call us. When we pick up your dumpster, we will take it back to our facility and recycle all potentially reusable hard fill materials. Your demolition process becomes easier and we help you save the environment one haul at a time.

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We Dispose of Your Waste Responsibly

Recycle Waste Services is an environmentally responsible recycling, disposal and hauling company that specializes in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan roll-off dumpsters and waste diversion. We continue to work with recycling partners that allow us to maximize diversion of recyclable materials away from the landfill.

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