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Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling Can Help Reduce the Amount of Waste Thrown in Landfills

Glass is a large component of municipal waste but can also be recycled and used for different applications. At Recycle Waste Services, we can repurpose used glass products and provide furnace ready bottle cullet, sand-blasting grit, insulation formulation, and more. We have the capability to crush and size recycled glass to fit your specific needs.

Glass Recycling: Toledo, OH | Recycle Waste Services - glass-compactor

Rely on Us for Glass Collection and Recycling around Sylvania, OH

Glass is 100% recyclable! At Recycle Waste Services we do our part to keep glass from landfilling and at the same time help the environment. We are able to haul and process used glass materials at our glass recycling facility in Sylvania, OH. The best part about glass recycling is that it can be done endlessly. Recycle Waste Services is here to ensure that this happens by offering glass recycling services. 

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How Does Glass Recycling Work?

When we first receive glass, we separate it by color, and by glass type. Then, glass is sent to be broken down by a machine until it is in small shards. Breaking the glass down into smaller pieces allows for it to be sorted and recycled easier. After an extensive sorting process, the final product is glass in various sizes ranging from pebbles to dust. From here, the glass can be melted down into new glass or can be used as filler in other substances, abrasives for cleaning and polishing, binders, and more. No matter what your glass gets recycled into, anything is better than letting it sit in landfills. For more information about our glass recycling process, or to get in touch with us about glass you need hauled away, contact us today!

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Glass Recycling: Toledo, OH | Recycle Waste Services - commercial-glass-recycling-and-disposal

We Dispose of Your Waste Responsibly

Recycle Waste Services is an environmentally responsible recycling, disposal and hauling company that specializes in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan roll-off dumpsters and waste diversion. We continue to work with recycling partners that allow us to maximize diversion of recyclable materials away from the landfill.

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