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Industrial Equipment Rentals

We Have Equipment Rentals and Resources for All of Your Waste Disposal and Recycling Needs

Our inventory of industrial equipment will help your business become more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Not only do we offer equipment for rent but we also have several facilities dedicated to recycling materials that typically would end up in landfills including bricks, glass, and concrete. For more information about what RWS can do for you, contact us today.

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Dumpster Rentals

We offer dumpster rentals to make your waste disposal easier to manage. With a variety of sizes, from 12 to 40 yards, we have a dumpster that will work for you no matter how big your project is. We deliver the dumpsters to your location and pick them up when you are done; all you have to do is fill it up! Head over to our dumpster rentals page for more information and to see our dumpster sizes.

Learn About Dumpster Rentals

Compactor Rentals

Compactors are a great way to reduce your waste disposal costs. By compressing the waste, you produce it makes more room for more trash. This is not only good for you because you won’t have to pay for as many hauls as you may now, but it also takes up less space in a landfill. Compactors can be customized to fit your specific waste disposal needs. Contact us for more information about our available rentals and to discuss what functions your compactor will need for your business.

Learn About Compactor Rentals
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We Dispose of Your Waste Responsibly

Recycle Waste Services is an environmentally responsible recycling, disposal and hauling company that specializes in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan roll-off dumpsters and waste diversion. We continue to work with recycling partners that allow us to maximize diversion of recyclable materials away from the landfill.

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